Oxygen Cylinder Refill


Oxygen refilling systems, or oxygen transfilling systems as sometimes referred to, are designed for filling one to three C, D or E cylinders at a time from a supply bank of three to ten large oxygen storage cylinders. This oxygen fill system is designed to benefit those who need to fill a smaller number of cylinders such as start up home health care companies, ambulance companies, EMS crews and fire departments.

This example oxygen filling system includes:
• 5 cylinder supply side header w/check valves and
on/off flow valves
• 3 cylinder fill side header w/contents gauge
– and on/off valves at fill ports
• 24″ supply side pigtails w/check valves
• 60″ supply-to-fill pigtails
• Vacuum regulator
• DOT O2 storage cylinders sold seperately
• C, D & E Cylinder Rack, 6 position, sold separately